Marcus Project

The MARCUS Box – a video project aimed at reaching families outside the usual church congregations – got a formal launching at a Redland Park Sunday morning service.

The Marcus programme is an offshoot of the popular Storykeepers TV series which relates the gospel stories in cartoon form.

Ross Coad, the Somerset based company director promoting the Marcus project, told the Redland Park congregation that the video was already proving highly successful in bringing families with no previous contact with organised religion into their local churches.

The project is designed to introduce the gospel stories to children between 5 and 11 and to reach out to their whole families.

At Redland Park it is planned to use Marcus on visits Dougie Burnett to families who have supported the Holidays clubs. Some visits have already taken place with a good response and a warm welcome.

Inside the Marcus box are a 60 minute video (DVD or VHS) containing episodes 1 and 2 of Storykeepers. There`s also a St Mark Gospel, a snakes and ladders type board game based on the video plus stickers and fact sheet for the children`s bedrooms.

It`s something the church want to continue – but it needs financial support.

Each video costs £3.50 so members of the congregation are being encouraged to pay for one of them. Proceeds from the regular cake sales are also going towards the Marcus project.