The Church is privileged to have a Father Willis Organ built in 1885, and rebuilt in the early 1950`s in order to be installed in Redland Park Church when it was rebuilt in 1957 after being bombed in the Second World War.mike-kearley

Organist and choir master Mike Kearley

The Choir is led by the organist, Michael Kearley (Tel 01275 874855). They wear gowns and sing mainly traditional anthems and introits most Sunday mornings in addition to leading the congregation in the singing of hymns both traditional and modern They practise in the Church on Fridays at 8.10 pm. New members are always welcome.

Unity a group of members who sing in Church regularly and perform modern religious music and musicals.  Anyone who plays an instrument or sings is welcome to join.  This group is led by Nigel Latham (Tel Tel: 07910 554 475 Email:


The choir sing at a church open day