Our Beliefs

The United Reformed Church came into being in 1972 as an amalgamation of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches. The Churches of Christ joined in 1981, and the Congregational Union of Scotland in 1998.

We believe that all Christians are members of the same church. We seek to follow Jesus and to help others do the same.

back_windowRedland Park Church has recently produced a Vision Statement in response to a visitation by members of the Bristol District Council of the URC: “Redland Park Church seeks to be a faithful part of the Church Universal; loving and witnessing to the world as did our Lord Jesus Christ.

We commit ourselves to growing in the spirit and in service to all people – Faithful to the word as revealed in the Bible, obedient to the teaching of Christ, and open to receiving the Holy Spirit – Loving God and all humankind by freely giving of ourselves – Witnessing by being, doing and telling – Growing in the spirit by prayer, worship and study – Service by giving of our time, talents and our material wealth wherever and whenever needed.”

We are in the process of various action plans to take our Vision forward.